Technology Businesses Professional advice and consultative services  – helping start up or established companies choose the best provider to support payments in their technology. Ensuring the appropriate revenue streams are generated while maintaining a secure environment against fraud and chargebacks.

RFP / RFIs can take key staff away from their areas of focus and result in no better outcome than randomly picking a winner based on price.  Our knowledge of all the players service, technology, and fees can ensure you get the right provider based on your needs.

Integration of payment technology into your systems requires a strong knowledge of tokenization, batch processing, account on file, PCI compliance, and interchange to get the most of your provider and keep costs as low as possible. We work with you to outline all of the benefits you are looking for and ensure that your provider can meet those requirements.

Large & Corporate business

need to differentiate to ensure their customers want to buy from them.  If you are looking for a way to integrate payments across all platforms, in store, on line, at the door and over the phone, you will need to have highly sophisticated, secure, and robust solution that will meet your needs.  Let us help you determine your best fit solution through RFP support.